Frequently Asked Questions

How are your dice made?

All dice are made with resin, poured into a silicone mold. They are placed into a pressure pot to cure for 24 hours, after which they are cleaned up, polished, washed and inked. Then they are inspected by my Quality Assurance Cat Raz. With his approval they are ready for sale!

Are they fair and balanced?

They are just as balanced as your average factory dice. The inclusions and glitters used are not enough to skew dice rolls.

How to care for these dice at home?

Store them in a place away from direct sunlight and out of extreme heat. Try to avoid rolling them on hard or rough surfaces like concrete or stone to avoid chips and scratches on the dice.

What constitutes a "notable flaw"?

Notable flaws are things like pinholes, larger voids that required patching, small chips on corners, mold marks, or over sanded edges. All of these things do not affect the roll of the dice, but are cosmetic flaws that make the dice less pretty. If a flaw was so big that the die could not roll fairly, it is not put up for sale.

Non-notable flaws include small surface scratches which are a byproduct of the sanding process, and appear on many handmade dice.

What are your shipping rates?

I ship via USPS with tracking. Currently, I only ship to the United States and Canada. These are the current rates:

  • United States: $7
  • Canada: $12

Any shipment outside of the United States may be subject to customs fees, which I have no control over, and is up to the purchaser to handle. Additionally, due to COVID, shipments may experience delays.

If you purchase multiple items in separate orders, reach out at with order numbers and if possible, I will ship the orders together, refunding the extra shipping cost.